Karyn is a gifted intuitive, healer, counselor and coach. I have not only witnessed her find her healing path, she has tremendously helped me along my own.
--Jusstine Kenzer psychicgirl.com

Changing Lives One Belief at a Time!

Everyone agrees that the world is in a time of transition. Defining the reasons or even causes of the transition is another matter altogether. Each person has their own ideas and beliefs about how they live in this world; however one thing that we can agree on is that the ultimate goal is to live each day in harmony.

At Red Rose Healing Arts we work with people to provide the tools, techniques and resources to help each individual define how they live in this world in the highest and best way possible for them now.

Using healing modalities such as Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy we are able to help our clients experience profound changes as well as aiding them in finding a new sense of well-being. By working together, practitioner and client are able to find and remove blocks that the client may not even be aware of, helping them to address root issues that keep them unhealthy.

Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy are complimentary to other medical and therapeutic treatments. By using these healing arts and focusing on the underlying core issues, clients are able to affect change on all aspects of their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Upcoming Events

Basic DNA 2
San Jose
4th Of July Weekend

Advanced DNA
San Jose
July 12th

Manifesting & Abundance
San Jose
August 3rd



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